Manage Interruptions

Stay on Track

Be available and accessible, but not overrun.

1. When someone drops in, state the time you have available
2. Give your visitor a heads-up when there are 3 minutes left
3. Summarize the key points
4. When time’s up, get up and thank your visitor
5. Walk to the door and say goodbye.

Manage Interruptions, Manage Your Time

Consider the myriad of interruptions you experience daily: email chimes, uninvited drop-ins, telephone calls, “quick questions” from coworkers. The list goes on.

With a barrage of stimuli and information, we sometimes forget about common sense solutions to avoiding interruptions; close your door, turn off alerts, wear earplugs, manage phone calls with voice mail, and notify coworkers of your important do-not-disturb work time.

Interruptions – whatever the kind, consume a minimum of 7 seconds each. Whenever you hear a bell, an email pops up or you see people passing by, your stream of thought is disrupted. If every 10 minutes there is a distraction, you can expect to lose at least 10 minutes a day. 10 minutes a day equals nearly 1 hour a week frittered away.

Give yourself permission for some quiet uninterrupted work-time every day. Increase your productivity and peace of mind.

Discourage disruptions…
Accomplish more in less time

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