Make the Most of Your Meetings

Minimize Time & Maximize Outcomes

For efficiency in meetings, use the 10% rule.

1. For a 60 minute meeting, deduct 6 minutes so the agenda items total 54 minutes.
2. Likewise for a 30 minute meeting, deduct 3 minutes so the agenda items total only 27 minutes.
The 2 main benefits are:
a. Stay on time – transition time to move to your next meeting or task.
b. Effective time use – strict time limits so only agenda-worthy items are discussed.

Less is More

On average, adults are fully present for 10 out of 60 minutes. The other 50 minutes, they are half-listening or not listening at all. How can you be sure everyone is hearing the message?

Hold shorter meetings more often. Reducing the duration of meetings helps to keep people on topic and present throughout the meeting.

Meetings (face-to-face, virtual, or via conference calls) enable people to discuss and make decisions. This is extremely important in a team. As you know, discussions, if given the time, can derail off topic and points can get reiterated.

Remember: people will curb their comments when there’s a time limit. While some may need to adjust to shorter meetings with stricter timelines, a focused meeting facilitator can ease this transition and keep things on target.

Since most of us are in a rush, we’re probably more likely to attend a short meeting. So as work resumes its fall pace, hold meetings which are effective and efficient and reap the rewards.

Use the 10% rule …
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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