Lighten the Load

Over Load = Over Whelmed

Have you got over abundance? Organize your overflow. Create 3 separate boxes/piles and label them:

1. “File”
2. “Discard”
3. “Store” with a note ie: “If unopened by July 2011, discard”

Place it or Purge it.

A stock room, an office, a garage, they’re not unlike a mailbox; they fill continuously and overflow if given the chance.

When items no longer serve a purpose, it’s time to store or dispense of them.

Divide everything into 3 categories: file, discard, store. By assigning an “expiry date” to a storage box, you save yourself the trouble of re-analyzing the contents down the road.

Like mom said, ‘everything has its place.’ Place it or purge it. Return from summer to a lightened load.
Remember: when discarding sensitive documents, shred before recycling. When donating/recycling an old computer, clear the hard drive first.

Organize your Overflow
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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