“Just In Case” Isn’t Justified

“Just In Case” Isn’t Justified

If you get stuck in meetings, here are sure-fire ways to save yourself time:

1. Stop going to meetings “just in case”.

2. Send a less experienced colleague to grow his/her skills while representing your department.

3. Attend the specific part of the meeting that involves you.

4. Stop inviting other people “just in case” and the favour may be returned.

Wishy-Washy Wastes Weeks

People invite their colleagues to meetings “just in case”. ¬†Break this cycle and others will likely thank you.

Likewise, avoid meetings that you’ve been invited to “just in case”, or develop talent from within your department by having someone else attend for you.

Remember, the people who really need to be in a meeting are the decision makers – people with significant input and those who will be affected by the decision.

Make Meetings More Meaningful

Save Time – Live Your Passion