Is Print Screen or Snipping Better?

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Is Print Screen or Snipping Better?


Print Screen is built into the keyboard, so it’s quick. When your computer’s crashing and your IT folks invariably ask “What did you see?” use Print Screen.


Snipping Tool is great for free-form snipping and immediately emailing the image. To get Snipping Tool, go to the Start menu and search for “Snipping Tool.” Then be sure to “pin to taskbar” so snipping is simple.


  PC MAC Snipping Tool
All Screen(s) PrtScreen Command-Shift-3 Full-screen Snip
1 of Multiple Screens Ctrl-Alt-PrtScreen with mouse on desired screen
Part of the Screen Command-Shift-4 Rectangular Snip
Menu/Window Ctrl-Alt-PrtScreen Command-Shift-4 space bar Window Snip
Free Form Free-form Snip
For Image to Appear on Desktop MAC command above and Ctrl





Client Feedback


“We de-cluttered and learned to focus on what’s happening today. It’s going to be much easier to digest what’s in my inbox, and it won’t be so overwhelming.”


– Manager, The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel




If you use Snipping Tool, see if you know all of these techniques.





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