Hit Your Limit? Your Email Limit?

Watch this tip or read on.

Is Your Computer Slow?

Maybe Your Supersized Email Is to Blame.


Do you manage your inbox with the size column?

STOP! There’s a far easier, more effective way.


Go to the bottom of your email folders list and click on Search Folders>Large Mail. If you don’t see “Large Mail,” right-click on Search Folders and then click on New Search Folder>Organizing Mail>Large Mail. 

Your computer will now list all of the items over 100 KB. It looks in all of your email folders and your calendar, contacts, and tasks – EVERYWHERE in Outlook!

Now that you know where the big items are, downsize from here.  

First, sort by icon and remove all of the irrelevant calendar invites and undelivered items. Next, sort by date. (Perhaps you can eliminate pre-2013.) Then sort by “from” to quickly clear out email from former colleagues.


(CAUTION: If you delete an item in Large Mail, you’ll be deleting it from wherever it’s housed.) 

Use Large Mail – Do it NOW!


Client Feedback “Thank you for sharing your time. We all learned a lot about efficiency. You will be happy to know that I have already implemented the autocorrect feature and am loving it!”- Events Coordinator, Airdrie Chamber of CommerceMore…  6 Email Habits to AvoidSave Time – Live Your Passion!