Head off Hijackers

Head off Hijackers

Avoid letting others hijack your time with the seemingly innocent phrase, “Do you have a minute?”

1. Schedule brief, regular meetings.
2. View upcoming 3 weeks in your agenda
3. Pick a weekly time slot (15-20 mins) that’s least likely to be interrupted.
4. Book this time with key colleagues/subordinates/superiors for 1-on-1 regular meetings.

Intercept Interruptions

When someone pops into your office and asks,” Do you have a minute?” avoid losing your patience or your creative flow.

Instead of reluctantly agreeing or waving them off, simply say: “Let’s discuss your issue at our next 1-on-1 meeting.”

Much like email-checking, visiting with co-workers can be a habitual distraction. People often sidetrack others for their opinions on easily-solved issues.

Once people know there’s a set time to meet with key colleagues / subordinates / superiors, they’re less inclined to drop in, and more inclined to solve issues themselves.

Reduce Interruptions
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