Half Day Rule

“Out of the Office” Recovery

Book a Half-Day for Catch-Up

1. Before your time away, book half a day immediately post return

2. Use that half-day to complete:
a. work piled up in your absence
b. work created on your business trip, i.e., customer proposals

3. The rule of thumb is: 1 day away = half a day off – to a maximum of 5 catch-up days.

Time off Without Overwhelm Upon Return

Did you play catch-up all week when you returned from the May long weekend? Maybe you avoided it altogether by sneaking into the office to work on Victoria Day…

Neither scenario is ideal. You need time off to regenerate. Take time off without falling off the deep end.

The technique is simple. Adhere to the half day rule: Allot a half-day for “catch-up” immediately upon arrival back in the office. The key is to plan ahead and book your catch-up time. That means not booking other things.
Immediacy is the key. Once people know you’re back they will need you and call on you. Short of working overtime all week long, there’s no way to get it all done.

In general, for every day off work, book half a day post return to process accumulated work.

Do yourself a favour: Right now, block off the morning of July 7th. And for each extra day away book another half day.

Plan your time off and especially your time back . . .
Accomplish more in less time

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