Habits Help

Habits Help

Habits affect your productivity. Establishing a good habit is straight forward:

1. Pick an area you struggle with, i.e., “getting settled at work so I’m productive by 8:00am.”
2. List the things in order that need to be done. For e.g.,
– get a coffee
– turn on computer
– check voice mail & update greeting
3. Follow the routine 3 times. If the habit isn’t sticking, alter as needed.

*Note: if you’d like some pointers on how to maximize this technique, contact us.

Habits – Some Help, Some Hinder

A habit removes stress because you have to remember less. You can rely on a routine when lacking motivation, feeling unfocussed or overwhelmed.

Habits can be a hindrance too. Habits such as compulsively checking email, or socializing during work time are habits that can waste time. To undo a bad habit replace it with a good habit.

To initiate a good habit, find an approach that works or you. If the habit doesn’t stick, try a different approach. For e.g., Bob often left late for work. So he tried getting up earlier. But he’s not a morning person and he still left late. New approach: Bob created a to-do list and started a habit of doing most of it the night before.

Remember, habits take time to establish. Don’t get frustrated after one try.

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