Got Your Gear, Get Going!

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Grab ‘n’ Go Gets You Going

…to games, practices, and classes without grinding gears.

Have a bag, knapsack, or tote with your stuff packed and ready to go. Keep it in your car, by the door, or in the garage to grab as you go by.

Even if you have to have a few extra pairs of shorts and shoes, you’ll be more likely to go, get there on time, and be less stress.

As you’ll need clean clothes, either put fresh ones in immediately after you get home and take the old ones out. Or once they’re laundered, put them back in the bag, totally detouring your dresser drawers.

Get Your Gear – Do it NOW!
Save Time – Live Your Passion!


Client Feedback

Comments from 3 coaching sessions:

Week 1 “I’m a slave to my email; people want information NOW!”

Week 2 “6/5. Autocorrect and the other things you showed us are fantastic!”

Week 3 “5/5. A lot of my email was junk. I’m letting go and learning new habits.”

Directors, Fairmont – New York

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