Got A New Gadget?

Got A New Gadget?

New gadgets grow old quickly, so integrate them before they’re obsolete. Here’s how:

1. Have Help: find someone who’s good at figuring out new things.
2. Outline the Outcome: identify the end goal. Ie: to take a still photo while recording video.
3. Ingenious Use: observe your current work process to reveal a way to best integrate your new widget.

Get Your Gadget Going

If you were lucky enough to get an iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy 3, or a laptop with Windows 8, you’d better use it before you lose it.

Saying things like, “it takes too long to learn,” or “I dread reading manuals,” only prevents us from taking full advantage of our technology.

Whoever you seek help from, ensure that person understands your current process, as well as your intended purpose for the new gadget, so it can be incorporated in a way that you will understand and use.

Great Gadget – Great Advantage
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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