Give It A Rest

Like many of us, Olivia enjoyed her work and found herself easily consumed by it, but this made it difficult for her to walk away from. She rarely left her office, save to refill her coffee and use the washroom. Even when she stepped away, she was always easy to find, so her rests were often cut short by interruptions. These circumstances prevented her from resting properly, which ultimately affected the quality and productivity of her work.

In general, the more time a person has available, the more easily that time will be filled. Just as weeks’ worth of work can be magically cleared up in time for the holiday season, you can limit your work time and schedule stringently to ensure optimal efficiency every day.

This knowledge has encouraged Olivia to bank her breaks, so she can rest for longer consecutive periods, rather than taking short breaks in her office throughout the day, and she notifies the people around her to ensure that she won’t be disturbed. This allows her to truly “turn it off” until it’s time to return to work with increased focus and productivity. Better yet is that scheduling has enabled her to plan activities ahead of time, so she can enjoy her breaks and feel much more revitalized.

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