Give It A Rest

Give It A Rest

To really recharge, consecutive hours are most restorative. If you have trouble breaking away, try the following:

1. Schedule rest time and notify others, so they can support you.
2. Post your passion picture to prompt you to get out of the office.
3. Leave your workspace and lock it, so your work isn’t at hand.

Set Your Schedule & Rest Regularly

Work consumes as much time as we allow it to, so don’t book 15 minutes for a 5 minute task, as you’ll likely fill it. Stringent scheduling keeps us accountable and efficient with our time.

Work and play rarely remain separate. Do you ever check your work phone after business hours?
Distinguishing clearly between work hours and personal time will help you to “turn it off” outside the office. Eventually, you may even be able to turn your phone off too!

To really recharge, we need to take a true brain break. Practice disciplined work habits to allow yourself to rest and recharge for longer consecutive periods, rather than for a few hours here and there.

Rest, Restore, Revitalize
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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