Frozen-Computer? Fix-It Fast

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Fix-It Fast

If you have a PC:

1.      Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete (simultaneously)

2.      Task Manager

3.      Select the app to end

4.      Press End Task

If your Outlook frequently freezes or takes a long time to process, choosing “end task” for Skype seems to help.

If you have a Mac:

1.      Press Command-Option-Esc

2.      Select the program to terminate

3.      Click Force Quit


1.      Click the Apple logo (top left)

2.      Select Force Quit

USUALLY computers are backed up within minutes so you aren’t likely to lose much, if anything.


Client Feedback


” I am using the Outlook skills all the time, they’ve really made life easier J


Especially not having emails in my inbox, it has really feels good when you have nothing for a minute even in the inbox.


Also the tasks and assigning by priority or by day. I feel my outlook is very


Executive, Fairmont Dubai




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