Focus on Solutions

Focus on Solutions

Gather quick feedback on any topic to solve issues effectively.

1. Make 3 columns: Plus, Minus, Solutions
2. Each person writes at least one plus and one minus
3. When everyone’s finished, each person states his/her positive points
4. Next a person reads 1 minus
5. KEY: Participants collectively develop (and record) concrete solutions.
6. Continue with the next minus and its solution, until all minuses are addressed

*Note: if you’d like some pointers on how to maximize this technique, contact us.

Solution-Focused Feedback

The people within your company know your product/processes intimately. They can provide remarkable insight as to how to improve things.

But if you asked for everyone’s feedback, you would get a broad-spectrum of suggestions. How do you implement the information? The Plus-Minus-Solution approach zeros in on specific issues and applicable solutions.

When people write things down, it allows time to listen and contemplate other’s feedback and cultivate collective brainstorming.

Use Plus-Minus-Solutions to
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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