Focus Faster Than a Fish

Watch this tip or read on.Goldfish Focus Longer Than Us… 

albeit by one second, but who wants to “lose” to a fish? “Don’t lose,” Microsoft suggests, “adapt to our digital era.” I say capitalize. Here’s how:

  1. Make a note to help you remember that fleeting thought. Then your mind can move on without worry, knowing you can come back.
  2. Send a note, to help others remember your request, and you’ll have a record that you didn’t forget to make the request(not that this ever happens…).
  3. Request a note from whoever’s asking. If it’s important to them, they’ll send you a note. Now keep in mind that if it’s your boss, you might like to make the note yourself rather than requesting one.

Some notes about notes:

  1. For yourself, short is fine as long as it captures your thought.
  2. For others, make the request/comment in the subject line to be sure they see it. Use the note body to explain. Remember that we’ve got goldfish attention, so make the point in the first sentence. Supporting info can follow.
  3. Email is easiest as it’s not as likely to be overlooked as a text. If it’s a text, drag it to your email or to the top of your calendar (depending upon importance, like picking up the kids).
  4. Note making often commits information to memory, so you might not even need the note in the end.



Client Feedback


“I’ve never had a desk job, so this [coaching] is so helpful in getting me set up. I feel more organized, and the expense is so worth it.”


– Regional Director, ATB Investor Services




At Least We Still Focus Longer Than a Gnat…


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Karen, Founder