“Find My Phone”, is Yours On?

Is Your “Find My Phone” On?
You might want to check as 30% of our clients think it’s on when it’s not.
Do you want to take a chance on losing your phone in…
A garbage can? A client emptied her lunch tray into the trash without realizing her phone was also on the tray.
[From: Thankfully “Find My Phone” located my device (safe but a bit grungy).]
Your vehicle? We know someone who found her phone in her car a year later.
[From: Wishing “Find My Phone” had been on.]
A jacket? This person used her spring jacket just for a day.
[From: “Find My Phone” found it in my pocket.]
So you’re not forgetful  but suppose you’re phone ets swiped?
That’s why we suggest checking your “Find My Phone” right now!

Client Feedback

“I’ve heard good things about Turner Efficiency and how the time-saving skills are hands-on. It’s not theoretical – it really works.”

– Owner, Business Coaching Services