Fighting To Focus?

Ever since grade school, Vicki’s teachers had her sit in the corner so she wasn’t distracted by others. When her supervisor at work mentioned that she ought to spend less time socializing, she knew what she had to do.

Since one corner of the office would place Vicki near the traffic of the washrooms and the chatter surrounding the water cooler – both tempting sources for distraction – she cleverly moved herself to the opposite corner. By positioning her desk strategically, she avoids untimely interruptions from people passing in her peripheral, and the panels around her effectively muffle the sounds coming from the center of the room.

Repositioning her desk has helped Vicki to avoid the distractions that used to put her behind schedule and create stress. Now she doesn’t have to stay late to finish her work, so she has time to join her coworkers in social settings at the end of the day.

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