Fighting To Focus?

Fighting To Focus?

Are you easily distracted in an open office? If you can, work in a corner:

1. Ensure that the corner you choose will not put you in the heart of traffic.
2. Move your computer to the corner.
3. If you have a keyboard tray, check that it can be mounted in the corner.
4. No keyboard tray? You may wish to get one, as extra desk space can be helpful.

Corners Conserve Concentration

Many people struggle to stay on task. It’s the intermittent interruptions, and the pace of people passing, that breaks our concentration.

Reduce the impact of these elements by putting yourself in the corner – especially if you have an L-shaped desk. This will fill your peripheral vision with desk space, rather than with distractions.

Relocating to the corner can also be quieter, as the panels on each side of you will muffle the sound of others.

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