Essential Actions to Avoid Interruptions

  1. Have a standard response to pre-empt the interrupter (e.g., “I’m in the middle of something right now. Can you send me a meeting request?”). This will save you from stumbling around and will make the other person feel heard.
  2. Wear a headset (even if you’re not listening to something) to indicate that you’re occupied.
  3. Post a note (Please Don’t Disturb. Work in Progress) that people can immediately see.
  4. Have your door ajar to hopefully alert the incoming interrupter that you’re working. However, always having the door ajar defeats the purpose.
  5. Check in with colleagues for a few minutes each day to discuss issues and progress. Then you’ll both be ready to work.
  6. Agree on the goal and its measurement at the outset,thereby reducing potential questions and interruptions.


Client Feedback“Nice that you are helping, my partner (especially at 4:30 in the morning your time)!”- Director of Sales, Freeman Audio VisualMore…


Really Great Ways to Avoid Interruptions