End Negativity With Nice Notes

Heather was generally happy by nature, but even happy people have bad days.  On one of these rare occasions, Heather was frantically searching for a misplaced invoice, when she came across something she needed much more.

It was just an old Post-It note, but what was written on it brought a smile to Heather’s face for the first time that day.  Best of all, shifting her focus away from her search helped to settle her nerves and so she was able to recall the location of the missing invoice.

She was so pleased by the effect of the nice note she found, that she has since made a habit of sending similar memos to remind others that they are appreciated when they’re down in the dumps.

For more information on Heather’s Nice Notes, follow this link: http://www.turnerefficiency.com/end-negativity-with-nice-notes