Email Overloaded?

Email Overloaded? Cull Quickly

Have you received another notice that you’ve exceeded your email limit? To solve this:

1. Empty Deleted and Junk folders.
2. Off load Enormous files. (In Outlook, click Search Folders>Large Mail)
3. Drag large files to hard drive. (Right click & drag to ensure attachments move as well).

*NOTE: Once you’ve moved items to the hard drive, they can be found through the Search function in My Computer.

At The Limit

Think you’ve got plenty of computer room? Many do. But they don’t notice the gradual slowdown of their machines. PowerPoint, large attachments, photos, videos and music files are big space-hoggers.

Notices from IT arrive, asking you to clear your inbox. Most people will just delete a few messages until the next notice.

Instead, tackle the problem. Slow computers cost time. Storage space costs money. Some companies will charge offending departments for every KB over their limit. Or they automatically clear everyone’s inbox, potentially erasing important items.

Empty Your Email
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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