Email Intelligently

Email Express

1. One subject per email.

2. The subject line is prime real estate – maximize it!
a. Like a newspaper heading, engage the reader and summarize the topic.
b. For brief emails, have the entire message in the subject line (nothing in the body), similar to texting.

Email Facts

Fact 1: The shorter and more specific the email, the shorter the turn-around time. Generally when people see a brief email, they consider it an easy task to tackle. Long emails tend to be left in an inbox until there’s time to “get to it.”

Fact 2: Readers pay closest attention to the first few lines of an email. Important topics or questions in subsequent paragraphs are often overlooked.

Fact 3: Tone is interpreted by the reader according his/her mood, regardless of the sender’s intent. Set the email tone with the greeting and sign-off.

Maintain Clarity in E-Communication. . .
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