Eliminate Unwanted Bulk Emails

Curtail Email

Is your inbox overflowing with unwanted bulk emails such as newsletters, ezines, and “special offers”? If so, save time and unsubscribe. Read the others when you want.

1. Assess which bulk emails you actually read vs. the ones you just delete.
2. Open the unwanted email and request “Unsubscribe” or “Remove from mailing list” (usually at the bottom of the page).
3. For the ones to read, make a “Reading” folder.
4. Make a rule: (Tools>Rules & Alerts. . .) so they by-pass your inbox and land directly into your “Reading” folder.

Reading Repository

Have you ever enthusiastically subscribed to an online magazine or newsletter, only to find out later that you lacked the time or interest to actually read it?

This mushrooming collection of reading material clogs up your email inbox which costs you time to open it, glance over it, and delete it. Unsubscribe and eliminate this waste of time.

For those bulk emails and industry-related articles that you want to read, save yourself time by automatically re-routing them to a “Reading” folder and review them when you want.

Unsubscribe and Create a “Reading” File
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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