Electronic Sticky Notes

Remember Electronically

Use Outlook Notes to record thoughts or reference information

1. To create an Outlook Note, click on “New Note.”
2. The words in the first line become the Note title.
3. Press the “x” (top right corner) to save and close.
4. Try it now by dragging this email to Notes.

Light Bulb Moments: Hold That Thought – Electronically

Outlook Notes are electronic sticky notes that don’t clutter your office, become unstuck and disappear behind your desk.

You’ve discovered the unbeatable efficiency of scheduling appointments in Outlook Calendar. Utilize the same technology to jot down creative ideas, take meeting notes and to record those mental lists, e.g., websites to visit, books to read, accounting codes to recall.

Brilliant ideas often pop into your head. But you’re busy, your memory is overloaded, you’ve got a stockpile of things to do by 5 o’clock. Then you wonder, “What was great idea I had earlier?” Store the idea as a Note.

Record and access your Notes on your BlackBerry as well. When you’re standing in the store trying to remember what you’re there for, won’t you be glad it’s not scrawled on an envelope at the office?

Quickly record and retrieve information…
Accomplish more in less time

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