Don’t Dismiss, Delete!

Watch this tip or read on.Don’t Dismiss Appointment Reminders

Either respect them or remove them. Delete those that are overdue. There’s no need to see an alert from a meeting held two weeks ago.

(NOTE: Deleting a reminder does not delete the event.)

Hitting “dismiss,” “dismiss all,” or “snooze” teaches you to ignore what could be vital. For example, one of our clients missed her own graduation because she totally lost track of time.

Turn off alarms, alerts, and pop-ups indicating you have new mail or a task to do today. Yes, if you’re an alerts junkie, this is a radical shift. But, hey, do you want to waste time on pop-ups or spend that time doing something you enjoy?


Delete, Don’t Dismiss – Do It NOW!

Client Feedback“I recalculated my lost time, and I scored 118 by comparison to the earlier score of 242 two weeks ago. I believe there is still room for improvement. Thanks for the helpful instructions.”

– Technical Specialist, Alberta Electric System Operator


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