Don’t Suffer Email-Regret-itis

Did you know email is the #1 time-drain and changing one habit will save you an hour a day?

Between customer requests, and head office communication, the average sales person handles 80 to 120 emails a day!

Often sales people handle the overload by opening and scanning multiple emails at a time and then firing off a quick (and sometimes regrettable) slap-dash reply.

Don’t Suffer Email-Regret-itis

Instead of trying to reply within 30 seconds, take 2 minutes to fully read one email at a time and formulate a complete response and then either delete or file the email.

That way your inbox doesn’t become a messy catchall filing cabinet for email and you avoid email-senders remorse.

Remember this technique with the acronym O-H-I-O (Only Handle It Once) and when you open an email, read it and act on it immediately – either Tackle it, Task it, Toss it or Transfer it.

Switching to the OHIO technique will save you an hour a day. Time you can spend generating new leads and selling more.

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