Do You Consciously Stream When Searching?

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Do You Consciously Stream When Searching?


If you refine your search by typing terms as you think of them, you are consciously streaming.


Why consciously stream when searching?

  • Less laborious than scanning by date, from, or subject.
  • Faster as the computer is simultaneously looking while you type the words as you recall them.
  • Thorough search method as content is recalled and the documents, emails, or attachments are searched accordingly.
  • Easy evaluation of the results, which begin wide and quickly narrow down to a few.
  • Multi-purpose method of searching as it prompts the brain to recall where it left off (whether it’s finding computer docs or physical items).




Client Feedback


“Your tip was super helpful for understanding the yes/no of .0 versus .1 of software versions. Thank you!”


– Owner, Walker Carpentry





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