Daily Drive-Thru

Do a Daily Drive-Thru:

Quickly and effectively check-in with your team:

1. Begin each day with a quick 2-min stop at each person’s desk. (If you can’t do this in person, call). For longer issues, schedule a separate time.
2. Remain standing (as sitting down implies you’ll be there much longer).
3. Inquire about the day’s focus and anything you need to know or can do to help.
4. Likewise, know what you’d like to discuss when your leader lands at your desk.

*REMEMBER: For this technique to be effective, it needs to be habitual. When people are expecting you, they’re less likely to stop you in hall or knock on your door when you’re busy.

Get & Give Info then Go

Quick check-ins with staff is like going through the drive-thru: a brief but important exchange of information, then both of you get on with your day.

When management is in touch with the team, output improves significantly. The Daily Drive-Thru mitigates mishaps and helps eliminate interruptions.

Use this technique to start meetings. Quickly ask each person how s/he is feeling on a scale of 1-5 (5=great). This validates how people are feeling and opens the lines of communication.

Drive-Thru Daily
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