Control Your Paper

Presto! The Pile Vanishes

1. Get a bunch of file folders. Choose manila/beige because:
– they are the most affordable and available
– titles are easy to read
– if you run out of a certain colour, your system isn’t halted
2. Keep the folders close by: beside your inbox, in your desk drawer or filing cabinet
3. When a page (yes even just one) is to be kept and there’s no file, make one
4. Handwrite the label (a black Sharpie is easy to read)
5. Order the files alphabetically

Note: If aesthetics are important, hire a student to type up labels for your files.

Less Stress. Better Image. Sooner Promotion.

But I don’t have time. Just leave it on the fax machine. Put it over there. It can wait. Sound familiar? If so, your office probably resembles a paper junk yard. I’ll give you 3 good reasons for a good paper control system:

1. Less Stress. You’re not overwhelmed by chaos and you can easily find things.

2. Image. The environment looks professional to those who walk into your workspace whether it’s clients, subordinates, seniority, or you.

3. Promotion. Recall an earlier Tip that sited a Wall Street Journal article about clean desks; fifty-two top executives said they were more likely to promote someone with a clean working surface. In addition, the easier it is to pass your workload to the next incumbent, the more likely you are to be moved up. With your space organized, management will feel as if the transition can be made smoothly.

Someday we may live in a paperless society, but until then, documents need to be signed, accountants want paper receipts, and the mail still arrives. A paper control system is still vitally needed in the workplace.

File folders may be old-fashioned and low-tech, but that doesn’t make them outdated. They are simple and they work.

Control Your Paper . . .
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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