Conquer The Biggest Time Waster

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Conquer the Biggest Time Waster


The biggest loss and gain of time is in minutes and seconds. So stop double doing; instead, think time-saving triangles.


To save time, don’t draw triangles one by one; draw two parallel lines with slanted lines in between. The blue area is the time saved.


When working, eliminate the space (i.e., time) between the triangles. Use the 3 R’s:


Reduce unnecessary actions like repeatedly signing an email; instead, automate your signature.


Reuse often-used sentences. Make these into a shortcut or use autocorrect.


Recycle pieces of past work, like patchwork proposals, instead of writing from scratch. Saving time on the repeated sections will allow you more time for the creative parts.


Think Time Saving Triangles – Do It NOW!



Client Feedback


“After my first session with Turner Efficiency on improving efficiency when using Outlook, I jumped in 100%. My inbox is now empty. I don’t know why this is so helpful, but it is. There’s something about seeing things get done, and it makes a lot more sense for me. I used this new-found knowledge while travelling in Bermuda, and when I got back to the office, I was up to date, even though I had little time while I was away to process my email. Thank you, Karen, for helping me save time!”


– Account Manager, Fairmont-Raffles-Swissotel



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