Communication Byte sized, not Super-Sized

Waste No Words

Keep messages to the point to ensure prompt response.

1. 1 Subject 1 Email (restrict emails to a single topic).
2. Subject Line for Summary (no need to put info in the email, if it’s all in the subject line).
3. Edit Email & Eliminate Extra Words. (Be sure to answer who/what/where/when and how in the briefest manner possible).

Be Brief…Be Bright…Be Gone

The attention span of an average reader is about the length of a tweet. If your message is lengthy and contains numerous topics, it will be put aside.

Use the subject line to convey the essence of your message. In some cases, the entire message can fit into the subject line. If that’s not possible, re-read the email before sending and reduce it by 25% (delete approx. 3 words per sentence).

Apply the Be Brief…Be Bright…Be Gone approach to email, newsletters and voicemail and see how less words often means quicker response.

Be Brief…Be Bright…Be Gone
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