Change Calendar View

Change Calendar View in Outlook

View by 5-day week and see your full schedule at a glance

1. While in your Outlook Calendar, click on:
a. the 5-day Work Week icon, or
b. View>Work Week

Stop Double Booking Yourself

When someone books a meeting with you, do you agree, jot it down on a post-it note, and then discover later that you’ve double-booked yourself?

Stop sabotaging yourself – change your calendar to a 5-day week view. When a date and time is requested, you have a comprehensive view of your schedule. This will save you and your colleagues the time and hassle of rebooking.

Avoid Over-Committing

By changing the calendar setting to a 5-day view, you can immediately gauge how much commuting you’ll be doing, how many deadlines you’re expected to meet, and how much energy you’ll be expending.

By knowing your week’s commitments, you will:
– save time by not rushing and making mistakes
– reduce stress by scheduling your obligations properly the first time
– plan effectively so you no longer appear disorganized

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