Write with Your WRONG Hand – What?

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Write with Your Wrong Hand –


  1. Grab a pen and paper.
  2. Put the pen in your “wrong” hand.
  3. Write your name nicely.

It’s not easy – or familiar. And the results probably don’t look great.


How long have you been working?


Probably a number of years. Long enough to build some work habits.
Learning new skills takes time and isn’t always easy or comfortable.
But it’s worth it to…save time and live your passion.

What’s your passion?



Client Feedback

“A 5/5. [The Outlook training] was really helpful – much more than I anticipated.”

“A 5/5. Super-helpful for me too.”

– Colleagues, Fairmont



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Want to Eliminate Extra Keystrokes?

Want to Save Yourself Time?

Eliminate extra keystrokes by setting up shortcuts.

Instead of multi-clicking to reach your files, Facebook or favourites, simply click a shortcut.

NOTE: If you can’t create desktop icons, put a hyperlink in a task or on your calendar (recurring weekly).

To set up a shortcut for:

  • PC program: in the control panel (bottom L), right-click on the program name>drag it to the desktop>create shortcut
  • Mac: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>select the address bar>click and drag the address to the desktop
  • Samsung Galaxy: home screen>Customize icon>More>click your webpage bookmark (or another desired shortcut)
  • BlackBerry: home screen>Menu>Add to Home Screen>Desired application>Add as shortcut>Menu>Add to Home Screen or Mark As Favorite
  • Android: hold Home Screen>Shortcuts>Webpage, Bookmarks, etc.>follow prompts
  • iPhone: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>Share>Add to Home Screen>Name>Add
  • Tablet: save webpage as a bookmark>Open Bookmarks>Hold finger on desired bookmark>Add
  • iPad: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>Go>tap shortcut icon (top R)>Add to Home Screen>Name>Add
  • PC file: select the desired file>right-click>hold and drag to the desktop>create shortcut
  • PC webpage: download Google Chrome web browser>Open Google Chrome>Facebook>Wrench (top R)>Tools>Create Application Shortcut>choose desktop, start or both>Create

Client Feedback

“Huge thanks for your support.”     – General Manager, Acklands-Grainger


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Do You Use These Excel Formatting Tips?










How Well Do You Know Excel?

Use these essential formatting tips to make your spreadsheets easier to understand and to simplify data entry.

  1. Templates are often helpful for getting you started by triggering ideas of what to include in your spreadsheet.
  2. AutoFill automatically fills a series of cells with consecutive digits or words. Simply enter the first two items in the first two cells (e.g., 1 and 2 and January and February). Then select the two cells. Click the bottom right-hand corner of the cell and drag it down or across (depending on the way you want to fill).
  3. AutoFit ensures that there is no wasted room between cells as it adjusts the width to the ideal size when you place your cursor on the line between the columns or rows and double-click.
  4. Format Cells rotates the words so the columns or rows are narrower, allowing everything to print on one page. To do this: highlight the cell>right-click> Format Cells>Alignment>drag the red arrow to the top in Orientation
  5. Freeze Panes enables you to see the headers wherever you are in the spreadsheet. Highlight the top row or left column>View> Freeze Panes

Comments helps clarify the data. Select the cell for the comment>Review>New Comment>Show/Hide Comment to reveal or not

Client Feedback

“Thanks [for the coaching]. It was a 5/5. I feel a lot more organized, and I’m most excited to see the calendar when Outlook begins – not my inbox.”  – Guest Relations Manager, Fairmont


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Need an Assistant?








Need an Assistant?

Want an assistant so you can get more done faster? You’ve already got one named Assistant.ai, Google, Cortana, Siri, S Voice… Requesting help just takes practice, and it’s a lot faster than keying text in.

For instance, ask your assistant:

  • When I’m home, remind me to call Mom.
  • Call my daughter at work.
  • Text my husband “I’ll be late.”

These commands reference information such as home, Mom, daughter and husband. Your assistant will only ask for clarification the first time.

When you’re weighted down while walking or have sticky hands, you can ask your assistant:

  • Make an appointment for…
  • Set my alarm for…
  • What’s the tip for a bill of $56?
  • What’s the five-day forecast?
  • Where’s the nearest restaurant?

The next time you’re keyboarding, switch to audio command. It will eventually become routine.

Client Feedback

“You totally fixed my life by tasking emails, and that’s making my inbox way cleaner. And I’m getting used to deleting.”

– Human Resources, Fairmont


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