Can’t Get Your Work Done


Watch this tip or read on.Can’t Get Your Work Done?


Is your to-do list growing?


We can often manage one short list on one day as we squeeze tasks between meetings. But when there are more tasks with multiple due dates over more days, that’s when overload and “Oh well” sets in.


The one hack that’s worked for us for 14 years and 7,000 clients is “task time”: time specifically blocked for you to do your work – not email, not checking voice mail, and not meeting with people.


Ideally, “task time” should be 60 minutes, as that’s consistently how long adults can stay really focused and people around them can really leave them alone.


For the best results, schedule “task time” at the same time every day so it becomes a habit for you and others around you.

        Client Feedback 

“I’m amazed by how much Outlook material there is to learn. Wish we had more time together.”


– F&B Manager, Fairmont




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