Can’t Get Going?

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Can’t Get Going? 
  • finals are approaching
  • moving is imminent
  • projects need completing
  • work deadlines are looming

…and you’re stuck.

Overcoming inertia is a popular subject. Ironically, “6 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination” popped up on a Web search. So consider these helpful suggestions:

  1. Agree to accountability.
  2. Book a break.
  3. Write a list.
  4. Offer a reward.
  5. Set a timer.
  6. Work with someone.

Most of these six solutions are currently being used at our house. I used #6 to get this tip to you.


Client Feedback

“Thank you for your efforts to support us yesterday. We all enjoyed the session immensely, and we all have something to try out. In fact, I was just on a video call and sat my computer on a box to be more level with the camera. Great idea!  Thank you again.”              – Regional Director, BDC

5 Simple Strategies for Beating Procrastination

Karen, Founder