Bucket or Heirarchy

Watch this tip or read on.The Bucket vs. Hierarchy 

How do you file your emails? By using a searchable “bucket” or a hierarchical system? Which is better?


When we first started using computers, we continued to follow a hierarchical filing system.


However, now that computers are so powerful, many people use the search function instead of multiple folders.


Either way works.


To handle your email efficiently, think about your mailbox for letters at your house. You grab the mail, walk inside, and sort between items to recycle and bills to pay.


Do you ever put the bills back in the mailbox because they’re not due until next week? NO! So why keep all of your emails in your inbox?


Imagine your mailbox overflowing with old and new items mixed together – definitely not efficient. So, once you open an email that you want to keep for reference, either file it in your various folders or put it in a “bucket” folder called Email Pre-Today.


Now, each day when you open your inbox, you only have to sort through the new info because the old emails are filed either in Email Pre-Today or somewhere else.


As we get short on time, filing emails in different folders is often too time-consuming, so consider switching from your hierarchical system to one big bucket.

Client Feedback“Aloha, Karen! You are one incredible organizer.After your presentation in Calgary, I implemented some of your tips in my office and realized improvement. Then, following your Honolulu presentation, I implemented some more of your tips and realized more improvement. Now that you are coming back to Honolulu, it’s time for the full monty!” 

– Business Owner & President, Honolulu Executives Association




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