Brief Breaks Boost Brainpower

Susan loved long lunches, so when she showed up in the morning, her nose was to the grindstone right until noon. She figured that, if she could “power through” the morning without breaks, then she could justify an extra fifteen minutes to enjoy her meal and even take a brief stroll before returning to her desk.

We commended Susan for taking a restful lunch break, and encouraged her to boost her pre-lunch productivity by taking a break each hour throughout the morning. She was surprised that just 1-3 minutes away from her desk is enough to recapture her concentration, which helps her to finish her work more quickly.

At first, Susan struggled to remember to take her breaks, so she downloaded a free program to her PC that reminders her when she’s due for a break and tells her when it’s time to get back to work ( Now Susan is more-productive, has more mirco-breaks and still has enough time to take a stroll at lunch.