Brief Breaks Boost Brainpower

Brief Breaks Boost Brainpower

Working for too long can detract from your productivity. Instead, use micro-breaks to recharge brain power.

1. At a minimum take a break each hour of work.
2. Even if it’s only about a minute, it’s better than nothing.
3. Stand, stretch or walk around during your break.

Break-Time Saves Time

The frequency with which you take work breaks has greater effect on your productivity than the length of each break. With the exception of vacation time, take brief breaks.

When possible, avoid working nonstop all morning to make time for an extra-long lunch break. Instead, rest for a minute each hour to maintain mental alertness, and you’ll likely escape the office earlier.

Each break should be just long enough to clear your mind, so you can revisit your work with a fresh perspective.

Pause Periodically – Improve Productivity
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