Boosting Your Brain’s Cables

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ABC: Your Brain’s Built-In Booster Cables

Since our childhood, the alphabet has been a quick method for sorting chaos into order. And because it’s a standard system, everyone is familiar with it.


Even your cellphone uses the ABC’s.


Sorting smartphone favourites alphabetically relieves your brain from remembering. Here’s how:



Add favorite:

Phone>Contacts>Find contact>Add to Favorites

Sort alphabetically:

Phone>Favorites>Edit>Sort (drag names by the grey lines)


Z & Q 10/30

Phone>My BB>Contacts>Add contact to speed-dial



Home screen>Hold down a letter (e.g., S for Sam, but not A, Q, or W)>Follow prompts

Samsung s4

Home>Apps>Phone>Keypad>Menu> Settings>Key>Contact

Samsung s5
Phone>Contact>Open Contact>*

Client Feedback


“I thought I was an organized person and made the most of my smartphone. But after only one hour with Turner Efficiency, I had a whole new understanding of my device as well as some additional organizational skills that have worked for me on a daily basis. Thanks, Karen and team!”


– Member, Calgary Executive Association



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