BlackBerry: You’re the Boss

You Control Your BlackBerry

Your BB is simply a phone and mini-computer. You have the power to manage it:

1. Adjust your mindset – you control your BB, not the other way around
2. Personalize your settings as outlined in previous Turner Tips©
3. Utilize BB’s full capabilities and avoid the most common pitfalls. Call us.

*Note: We refer to BlackBerry as it’s the most common business device. However, these principals also apply to iPhone, Palm Treo and other “smart phones”.

You’re the Boss of Your BlackBerry

On average, BlackBerry users waste 30 minutes a day fiddling with functions that have not been set to their advantage. BlackBerry’s default settings are counter-productive which also means counter-control.

BlackBerry comes with minimal basic instructions at best. The first time you play with your new gadget, excitement quickly dissolves into exasperation as you try in vain to navigate through all of the applications.

Messaging, Internet, Tasks, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, speed dial, instant signature, calculator—to name a few; how do you master these powerful functions?

You could call the manufacturing company of your phone and have your call re-routed through a call-centre. Or you could contact us directly and have one of our Efficiency Coaches assist you through a Tips & Tricks Session™.

Exploit BlackBerry’s Power. . .
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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