Bend, or You May Snap

It’s not a secret that change can be frightening. Whether you’re moving to a new city or changing the way you process email from your inbox, unfamiliar territory can cause us to cling to old habits that no longer serve us well. Such was the case for our client, Bryan.

He had been using email for years and was accustomed to flagging them for follow-up. Although Bryan was eager to keep his projects more organized and reduce the amount of time he spent searching for emails into tasks rather than flagging them.

Bryan defended his position, that flags had always worked for him and there is no need to fix what isn’t broken. There clearly wasn’t a rational cause for his allegiance to flags, and so we explained how tasks work as “smart flags” – flags that are more versatile – and he agreed to try using them until the next coaching session.

Sure enough, when we spoke with Bryan a week later, he was converted. He had developed an appreciation for the connectivity that tasks allowed amoung his coworkers when delegating and following projects, and he loved the ability to keep all of the emails for a project together in a task.

Since then , we’ve spoken with Bryan, who reports that, “I always have many tasks on the go, and I haven’t lost track of any of them!”

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