Be A Draft Dodger

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Be a Draft DodgerWhen you need to send a repeat email, do you go to drafts, find the document, update, and send?There’s a much faster method – and one that won’t have you forgetting to erase other people’s details before sending.How about opening a new email and choosing the email template you want? It’s easy. You’ll be making a signature, but think of it as an email template. Here’s how: 1.  Open a fresh email. Insert>Signatures>New.

 2. Name the signature/email (e.g., proposal).

3.  Input the content.

4.  Add your regular email signature in the signature/email template.

5.  Save.

Now, instead of going to drafts, simply choose the email template you want.


Use Signatures – Do it NOW!

Save Time – Live Your Passion!

 Client Feedback “This is efficiency at its best! I gave my boss your card.”– Conference Attendee, Buildex

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