Back Up Your BlackBerry

Back-Up Your BlackBerry

What crucial data would you lose if your BlackBerry was damaged or lost? Download BlackBerry Protect™ today.

On your BlackBerry

  1. Go to BlackBerry App World
  2. Download BlackBerry Protect
  3. Click Run
  4. Set Your Preferences

Protect Your BlackBerry

Use this virus-free RIM app to save your texts, BlackBerry messages/BBMs, pictures, and voicenotes to your computer. (Outlook only backs up your email, contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.) For added protection, BlackBerry Protect allows you to remotely wipe or lock your BlackBerry.

This app is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to set up for safe keeping and peace of mind. And you will never need an IT person again to retrieve any lost BlackBerry information.

We communicate more and more through BlackBerry’s and iphones so, how we manage and protect our data needs to change. Backing up is not just for our computers and Outlook.

Back Up Your BlackBerry
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