Avoid Interruptions – Especially In Open Spaces

Are You Often Interrupted?

Try these solutions:

Daily Drive-By: Spend a few minutes daily with each teammate, so they get needed attention.

Earphones, Not Earbuds (they’re hard to see): Wear these (even if they aren’t plugged in) to signal you’re working.

Position A Plant: to block eye-contact with passers-by.

Hang a ‘Work in Progress’ sign: on the back of your chair.

Block Off Time: Protect your ‘unavailable time’ so that people respect it. 

Some Interruptions Are Avoidable

Just like you, your colleagues are eager to get their work done and get out of there.

When people interrupt, it’s often to move their project ahead. However, it sometimes comes at the expense of your own project.

Signaling your need for silence is certainly acceptable, if it’s done respectfully and for a set length of time.

Indicate You’re Unavailable
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