Avoid Alarm Exhaustion

Starting with his alarm clock in the morning, Keith hit the snooze button or dismissed every reminder that confronted him. This response became so automated that he wasn’t even aware what the notifications were for. By the time he met us, it was all Keith could do to remember our coaching appointment.

Like many people, Keith had developed a false sense of security, by believing that his reminders – covering everything from annual reports to flossing after meals – would keep him in check and on track.

Ironically, these reminders became ineffective and forced him to commit to memory what he needed to do. His most precious resource, his intellectual capacity, was used to remember deadlines instead of utilizing his technology to do it for him.

Because of Keith’s severe desensitization to reminders, he had to quit them cold turkey and retrain himself, which is not an easy task in our buzzing and blinking world.

Now that Keith only sets alarms on his most essential items, he always heeds them, and he takes comfort in knowing that the reminders for his most important appointments won’t fall on deaf ears.

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