Do People Respond to Your Email?

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Do people respond to your email?


“Yes” – you probably do 5 key things


“No” – you could do 5 key things

1. Subject Line – add “Response Needed” at end of subject line

2.Greeting – positive and personalized, setting the email tone and indicating this isn’t a mass email

3. Call to Action – tell the reader what you want at the beginning of the email.  Use bold, colour or size to further highlight your request / deadline.

4.Information – email content is best with:

– 1subject per email,  to stay on topic

– short, 1-3 sentences per paragraphs

– bullet points, for easy reading

Note: Emails between 50 and 125 words, are 50% more likely to be read according to Boomerang.

5. Closing – solidify the relationship with the reader and dis/encourage a response

Use these 5 key tips to get a response to your email.  As the average office worker receives 120 emails every day.


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Frozen-Computer? Fix-It Fast

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Fix-It Fast

If you have a PC:

1.      Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete (simultaneously)

2.      Task Manager

3.      Select the app to end

4.      Press End Task

If your Outlook frequently freezes or takes a long time to process, choosing “end task” for Skype seems to help.

If you have a Mac:

1.      Press Command-Option-Esc

2.      Select the program to terminate

3.      Click Force Quit


1.      Click the Apple logo (top left)

2.      Select Force Quit

USUALLY computers are backed up within minutes so you aren’t likely to lose much, if anything.


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” I am using the Outlook skills all the time, they’ve really made life easier J


Especially not having emails in my inbox, it has really feels good when you have nothing for a minute even in the inbox.


Also the tasks and assigning by priority or by day. I feel my outlook is very


Executive, Fairmont Dubai




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Do You Consciously Stream When Searching?

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Do You Consciously Stream When Searching?


If you refine your search by typing terms as you think of them, you are consciously streaming.


Why consciously stream when searching?

  • Less laborious than scanning by date, from, or subject.
  • Faster as the computer is simultaneously looking while you type the words as you recall them.
  • Thorough search method as content is recalled and the documents, emails, or attachments are searched accordingly.
  • Easy evaluation of the results, which begin wide and quickly narrow down to a few.
  • Multi-purpose method of searching as it prompts the brain to recall where it left off (whether it’s finding computer docs or physical items).




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“Your tip was super helpful for understanding the yes/no of .0 versus .1 of software versions. Thank you!”


– Owner, Walker Carpentry





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Write with Your WRONG Hand – What?

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Write with Your Wrong Hand –


  1. Grab a pen and paper.
  2. Put the pen in your “wrong” hand.
  3. Write your name nicely.

It’s not easy – or familiar. And the results probably don’t look great.


How long have you been working?


Probably a number of years. Long enough to build some work habits.
Learning new skills takes time and isn’t always easy or comfortable.
But it’s worth it to…save time and live your passion.

What’s your passion?



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“A 5/5. Super-helpful for me too.”

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