Are you using your BlackBerry Voice Notes to get more done during your travel time?

Chances are if talking and driving isn’t banned in your local area, it will be very soon. Thankfully your BlackBerry has a built-in tool to help maximize your travel time to and from client meetings.

It’s called Voice Notes and it’s a built-in voice memo program that comes standard with every BlackBerry. Use it to record notes from meetings and email to your assistant for follow-up. Include details like background information and required action steps. That way it’s out the door before you get back to the office.

Need to include more information? Use your built-in BlackBerry camera to take photos to include in your memo. Don’t forget to outline instructions in your voice memo on what to do with them.

Save your voice memos in your BlackBerry to review prior to your next appointment. The hands-free functionality means you can get up to speed while you are traveling between appointments without violating the no-talk laws.

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