Are You Awkward Online?

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Are You Awkward Online?

 Tips to avoid online awkwardness:

1. Ensure that you’re directly in front of the webcam so others aren’t looking up your nose or you aren’t looking down at them.

2. Put their picture directly below your webcam to emulate “eye contact.”

3. Keep the webcam close to avoid distractions and focus on the faces.

4. Be conscious of clothes, hair, and makeup as these are a large part of your online image.

5. Exit email to eliminate inattentiveness. Then you won’t glance at it and get caught up in your messages.


Client Feedback

“[This email training] is definitely worthwhile. I learned a lot I didn’t know, like right-clicking, which will save me tons of time as I work at my desk all day.”

– Marketing & PR Coordinator, Fairmont


 You Have 1 Second to Make Your Online Image