Apps for Ease

Apps for your iPhone and BB

Increase your portable productivity.

1. Choose an app
2. Download
3. Use it
4. Let us know what you think of it

*Note: if you’d like some pointers on how to maximize this technique, contact us.

Apps to Aid Efficiency

There are oodles of apps available, here are a few that will save you time:

1. SMS2Desk: receive and send SMS(text) from your computer.
• BB:
• iPhone:

2. Syncamatic: a must for anyone not on a Business Enterprise Server. Sync to Outlook Calendar wirelessly. Also sync BB to Mac and the web.
• BB:
• iPhone: (using iTunes)

3. Drivesafely: hands free texting using voice-activation.
• BB:
• iPhone:

4. App World: view thousands of apps for: entertainment, sports, translation, travel, etc.
• BB:
• iPhone:

Use Apps
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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